Jenny and I met at Estero Llano Weslaco, Texas for her portrait photography session. We initially had balloons for this birthday shoot in mind, but soon found out they were not allowed in the park, so we had to carry on without them.
I wanted to take some portraits using the trees to frame my subject, so we headed down Green Jay Nature Trail. I was looking for an angle where I could have the background backlit and still catch enough light to bounce onto my subject. I failed to get the shot I was looking for, but I did manage to walk away with this beautiful portrait using only natural light.
outdoor portrait photography
Next shots in mind were at the boardwalk over Ibis Pond but seeing that it’s a Sunday afternoon and all photographers were out in full force we had to skip for a less sought-after location. That sun wasn’t going to wait around for anyone and was quickly going down.
We walked down Llano Grande Hiking Trail on our way to Curlew Pond and found a nice view over Avocet Pond, so we had to stop for a portrait.
natural light Portrait photography
By the time we reached Curlew Pond and noticed the other boardwalk over Dowitcher Pond the sky was lighting up with amazing colors. Tried to get a shot with Curlew Pond in the background, but those sunset colors just made me switch angles entirely.
weslaco portrait photographer
rgv photographer
rgv photography

Ended up running across the boardwalk to the other side of Dowitcher Pond to get this portrait shot.

Weslaco photographer

Tried some leading lines with the boardwalk and sunset lighting up in the background.

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