RGV Couples' Model Call

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I’m excited to announce the very first Aleks Ruiz Photography model call. This model call is for Couples only. I’m looking for couples of any kind that are willing to participate in a complimentary couple’s photography session. The sessions will take place the weekdays of April 22-23 at the Old Hidalgo Pump House. The sessions will be roughly 30 minutes and all couples will be rewarded for their time with a beautiful print and digital from their session.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Model Call?
"A call for new subjects to serve as models for your work. Usually with the expectation of some type of perk for participating." 
In this instance I'm looking for couples with a strong personality and a story to tell that would like to participate in a complimentary Couple's Photography Session.
Do I need to be a professional model?
Not exactly. Professional or not, I'm looking for real people living their everyday lives.
When is this taking place?
The session will take place on either Thursday 4/22 or Friday 4/23 around sunset. If I end up with multiple couples then the sessions will be scheduled consecutively.
Who's eligible?
The criteria for eligible couples are:
Both members must be at least 18 years of age or older and should be willing to sign model release forms.
They have a story to tell and are willing to tell it in words. [See questionnaire below)
The two individuals should have a strong personality and don’t mind showing it in front of the camera.​​​​​​​
What do we do to sign up?
I created a questionnaire, at the end of this post, that you can fill out. Ill go through the submissions and notify my chosen couples.
What is this going to cost us?
Absolutely nothing! You’ll go through my normal photography process, but the session fee will be waived.
On top of a great experience, all couples will receive a free print and free digital image of their choice.
After our session during our viewing and ordering meeting, you’ll be free to buy any additional digital files or prints, but there’s no obligation to do so.
What do we get?
Participating couples will receive:
1. A complimentary, 30 minute session from Aleks Ruiz Photography
2. One 8x10 print
3. One digital image (2 if you’re a follower on my social media)
If we enter and are chosen. What is expected of us as part of this RGV Couples Photography Model Call?
1. Meet with me in person or over the phone for a pre-session consultation. We’ll go over the contract and model release paperwork (must be signed and turned in on or before day of session). Pick a day, either 4/22 or 4/23 and set a time for your session.
2. Take part in the 30-minute session at Old Hidalgo Pump House
3. Post session viewing and ordering. With a 30-minute session, I typically have at least 10 photos for the clients to view and choose from. At that time, you’ll make your choices for your complimentary image as well as have an opportunity to purchase any extras that you’d love to take home.
4. Once your prints make their way to me from their print lab, I’ll reach out to you for delivery.
What's the timeline?
Evening of Saturday, 4/17: Submissions will close and chosen couples will be notified via email or phone.
Monday 4/19: Pre session meetings will occur.
Thursday 4/22 or Friday 4/23: Sessions will take place
Monday 4/26: First proof images will be available for you to choose your complimentary digital image and print.
So, you're ready to sign up, check out this amazing photography experience, and get a free print? 
Then click the button below to fill out the questionnaire!
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